Create Task 3

Now being done with my create task it is such a relief. I was really stressed about getting it into college board because I totally forgot. Making everything a pdf and screen recording my code running was a struggle. I ended up doing it on my phone which worked perfectly. I am pretty confident in my work. I really tried my best and am hoping for the best in a few weeks or whenever our grades will be posted. It was fun and good learning experiences with all the work we did in class throughout the year.

Create Task 2

During the process of making my create task I went through days where I was just stuck and couldn't get myself to work on it. But I got through it. It was a long process. I faced issues and did a lot of research and looking back on previous work we did in class. Which was very helpful. It was also sad because it made me what to be back in the computer class doing work and eating cookies.

Create Task

I am doing a guessing game for my create task. So far I have been researching and using the resources you have provided to figure out how I will code this. I am a bit behind it has been chaotic but I have no fear that I wouldn't finish in time. I am trying my best at this and all my other classes.

Big Data

Measure of America website

What is this website potentially useful for? This website is used to calculate population and understanding the well- being of the United States. Where most people are moving to or where there aren't enough people.
Is the provided visualization useful? Yes what is visualization is useful because it is easy to understand with color and percentages on that state.
Where is the data coming from? This data is coming from the United States and how many people are in a state based on residency.
Do you consider this “big” data? This is considered big data because of the large area it covers and because there are so many people in the United States.

Amazon Ring Face

Whose problem is this- the owners (users) or the vendors (manufacturers) ?
What are the next steps for the IOT (Internet of Things) industry?

I believe the problem is in the hands of the manufacturers. In this day in age hacking is a know thing and it is the company's responsibility to ensure that that wont happen. Especially because these ring cameras are meant to ensure safety not cause danger on families. The next steps for IOT industry is to keep working towards ensuring that hackers. This can be an issue because sometimes it can just be unnecessary and people will  turn to better companies that are working well.   

Mercedes Self Driving Car

I do understand that the first priority should be the driver. The car knows that there is a driver and it will do what it must to keep them safe. It is sad to think that this could lead to many more deaths if you think of people waiting for the bus. However how would the driver feel and what would happen to the driver. Would it be their responsibly for the injured or killed people. It is a very hard decision.

Explore Final update

Google Home 
Due to the field trip Friday I didn't have as much time to get in some extra work. However I left off on finding websites and doing some reading on my topic. Today I am going to start answering the questions.