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Google Home 
Yesterday in the library I searched for reliable sources on my topic, which is the Google Home. I started a doc and started to write out what I needed on my topic. Today I plan to continue to find sources and while scanning articles write out any important information.

IP Address and DNS

1. What is a protocol?A set of rules that allow two or more entities of a communications system to transmit information. 2. What is an Internet Protocol (IP) address? An Internet Protocol address is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.  3. How is it organized hierarchically? A set of numbers used to locate things on the internet.It is organized by country/network to region?network to sub-network to device. 4. How many bits are in IPv4 address? 32 bits  5. How many many IPv4 address does that mean there are? 588,514,304 6.What is the difference between IPv6 and IPv4? IPv4 is a 32-bit address. Ipv6 is 128 Bit IP Address. 7.Why do we need IPv6? It allows the internet a large group of IP adresses. 8. What is an IP packet? The IP packet is a small amount of data or information sent over a network.  9. What is the difference between an IP address and an IP Packet?  The IP address is a sequence of numbers that can…

Submarine Cables

December 2,2019  Submarine Cables 
1. No, sharks biting cables isn't a major issue. Although, it has happened it is very uncommon.This is because they are at the bottom of the ocean far from where the normal shark swims. Sharks do not go after cables normally because its not like they look anything like food or smell like it.  2. Some other causes of the cables breaking could be a earthquake. This moves the seafloor that could  disturb the wires. Also, human interference can break the wires. For example a fishing vessel or anchor can snag a cable. 3. Almost everyone in the world uses these submarine cables. Its how people use the internet and access the web, apps and so much more.  4. A  submarine cable is very small. The exact measurements is typically 1 inch or 25mm. 5. Fiber - optic technology is used in these cables to protect them. Lasers on one end fire at extremely rapid rates down thin glass fibers to receptors at the other end of the cable. These glass fibers are wrapped in lay…

Blown to Bits

Koan 1- Its all just bits
I always forget or it never really registered in my mind that what we are all looking at is just bits. Its an illusion the articles says to show photos and your text messages.To make up  the screen is bits. Also it says that Verizon can do whatever they want to to maximize their profits in deciding whose messages to distribute. That seemed a little scary. These companies have control over almost every message you receive. It could be text messages or phone calls.
Koan 2- perfection is normal
This paragraph was interesting to me the first few lines in particular. Its basically saying that before there was error because it was all hand written and of course mistakes are made all the time. However now everything is almost perfect.Which is super convenient and great. However many bad things have become since the internet and social media has become big. Pretty much the entire 20th century. It also talks about music and how the original was always the best. As cop…

Chatham Field trip

- take 6 pictures on the trip (3 from each building)
- post them with an explanation of what they are, why you chose them and what significance they have in wireless communication
- also include 3 things that you learned today

 This was in the newer history section. I thought the old telephone was cool. Also the old time magazines. This has a big part of communication because it was one of the first phones to call people. The magazines were a way of getting news on the world of all different topics.

 This drown game was really interesting and fun to use. Now today drones are used to get medical supply's to people.
This was cool it was an enigma game. It was interesting to use and to connect to the movie that we watch. 
I found this really interesting. It was a famous hospital ship. The words Hope are really inspiring.
I took a picture of this because it looked like some high technology. This was a vacuum tube used to transmit power. All the technology was so intricate. 
This was what…

Coding In The Wild

Pick one to write about: why did you choose this one? What does the writer explain about how computer science is used in their job? What kinds of things do they need to know and how did they learn them?

Coding for Artists:

I choose this one because of the cover picture. I liked that it was a female and about art. I feel like the arts are somethings pasted by so I felt it would be interesting to read about. The woman uses coding to peruse her art. She works with a web developer. She learned how to make an online portfolio for her art using wix. Along the way she learned new techniques and languages and fell in love with it. I thought her story was cool because she mentions this works space needing more diversity. 

2 Challenges

Challenge 2-
I don't agree with this one because I think everyone should be allowed to go onto the internet. The government should not be able to restrict certain things on the internet because then they could hide information. Everyone should have the ability to see and, to stay informed. I feel like if things were restricted then people wouldn't trust the government as much.

Challenge 9-
I think this is true. Its saying that we all must be careful what we chose to post on the internet. I relate to this especially now because my generation is all social media.For example bullying on social media. Take responsibly for what you post and do what is right and honest. Also we shouldn't trust everything we see on the internet because it might not be all true.